Friday, 19 April 2013

Maxymisers Visual Campaign Builder (VCB) test tool

Updated: 19th August 2014.

If you've been using Maxymiser for your MVT testing in the past you may already appreciate this very competent testing tool. Recently the Maxymiser team have developed a new feature that I've been very keen to get my hands on, their Visual Campaign Builder, aka, VCB.

What is it?

Well essentially it's a way to build and launch your own tests very quickly using the MaxTest solution (and leverage the MaxSegment solution too if you have that) using a WYSIWYG on page wizard. You navigate to the test page, create a new test campaign, create new variants, drag and drop assets, change copy and content, assign an existing Action for action tracking and then publish it.

I've trailed two tests to date, one where I'm introducing a new banner to a page and another where I've embedded a YouTube video. Reporting is exactly the same as conventional testing whereby you log into the Maxymiser report console.

Where is it?
Log into the Maxymiser console and navigate to the Campaigns page, you will see a button for the VCB in top right side...

Once it's enabled for your site, when you click the VCB link it should the option to create or edit an existing campaign...

And how do I use it?

Well you should of course get the Maxymiser team to talk you through the first couple of set ups for VCB testing but here's the easy process in summary...

1. Create Campaign.
2. Give it a name.
3. Choose Audience. Here you can target visitors by device, browser, geography, behavior or just choose to test with all visitors.
4. Select the Page(s) you wish to test on by page URL. Cut & Paste the URL into the the URL box provided and add to campaign. At this point you may want to 'Include any query string parameters' or 'Include both HTTP and HTTPS protocols'
5. The next step is the Content creation step for your test. Here you can either add or remove content or create alternative experiences for your test variants. Tip: This is the tricky part of the whole endeavor and I strongly recommend you test how your variants are looking in all browsers and devices you wish to test against.
6. Next step is to select the Actions. Give it a primary action from your drop-down. If you don't have an appropriate action to track on your test you will need to speak to Maxymiser. This can be a stumbling block for getting a test straight out there but if you've got a suite of test actions you've used before there's potential to re-purpose those for a VCB test as long as it doesn't conflict with any other tests you may be running at the same time.
7. Review & Publish. From here you're more or less going through the normal test publishing process, for example, adding change comments and going via the publishing console to send your test live. Tip: You may get a warning about new pages being mapped and might take an empty publish first before you can publish your VCB test.

That is it in it's simplest form.

Good luck and happy testing : )