Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Online polls

I'm always looking for tools and services that compliment the core optimisation activity we do using MVT and AB testing. In the past I've tried getting the general public to rate a selection of test variants using an on-line survey (see earlier post here for details). To me testing is always going to be the ultimate customer feedback on what works for on-line sales conversion but there's no harm in garnering opinion of your winning web design and page content.  I'm now piloting on-line polling on a few landing pages using a Polldaddy  poll widget. This simply embeds a rating widget in the top corner of selected pages enabling visitors to either give the page a thumbs up or thumbs down . Obviously the shortcoming here is that you cant tell if people are giving the page design or page content a good or bad rating, but at this stage I am trying to get a very high level user response to the page as a whole. Ideally I would have this widget on every page on the site as a means of flagging up any under performing pages or highlighting pages that people have an affinity with.