Tuesday, 31 May 2011

net.finance 2011

Last week I spoke on the merits of creating a testing culture at the financial services web conference Net.Finance in Chicago on behalf of Maxymiser. See their blog here for details Max Blog. It was a great trip and an extremely exhausting week due to my own crazy schedule but I absolutely loved every second of it.

Key take-aways from the conference? 

  • Multivariate testing is yet to really take off in the states, especially in the financial sector. It's ripe for massive growth on an unprecedented scale.
  • US marketeers are really excited about 'Mobile Payments' and see it as a potential bank killer.The question remains which big names will forge alliances to make it finally happen.
  • The buzz word is 'mobile' and has been for a while, but everyone, including the main players are waiting to see who goes really big on mobile first and will then quickly follow suit. The US web sector are scared and have been stung before by 'novelties' that have failed to bear fruit, so there's a vast amount of tangible caution in the average US eCommerce department; dollars are quite rightly spent sparingly and wisely. 
  • There are a lot of companies offering what is perceived as real 'added value' but is really not worth the huge initial $ outlay when you start to dig deep on their technical claims. Qualitative testing and research continues to commit multiple crimes in the name of informed user feedback and fall vastly short of continuous multivariate testing by a country mile. 
Would be interesting to see if anything changes in the US market in the next 12 months and especially to see if mobile becomes the hunting ground of the web marketeer as predicted.

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Calculating Uplift

This is fairly basic but a common query none-the-less:

Q. How do you calculate conversion uplift?
A. Winning% - Old% / Old% x 100 = UPLIFT%