Tuesday, 10 March 2015

New company, new job, new kit

I haven't posted for a while and the reason is I've moved jobs in the last few months, moving from finance and banking to the wonderful world or travel and tourism. I am still in the website optimization game but now I get to play with a whole new set of challenges, tests and testing kit.

So, to kick off I've recently procured Visual Website Optimizer for the new company as it's testing platform of choice. I've already got a couple of optimization exercises set-up and I'm already very impressed with this nifty offering.

I'm not going to do a direct comparison between other kit and testing services I've used before. A full listing of testing tools sorted by popularity is available here.

What's impressive about VWO:

  • It's affordable, the Enterprise solution doesn't run into 4 or 5 figures per month like some solutions out there. You're not tied into a contract and can flex your usage  upwards & downwards. Flexibility is the key word here.
  • At enterprise level you get a plethora of optimisation toolkit to play with; AB testing, Split testing, MVT testing, Heat maps, Click maps, Personalization, Website Reviews, Onsite feedback, AB testing of native iOS apps and more. This is not a stingy offering :)

  • Test progress reporting is simple, straight-forward and intuitive. I'd forgotten what it was like to get excited about running a test and wanting to constantly check progress. The summary report acts as a heartbeat for any test you have out there allowing you to dig down for more detail if you need it with the Detailed Reports interface but not overwhelming you with countless filters and segments that end up raising more questions than answers.

I still need to really get under the skin of this tool but so far the price, functionality and customer service has really impressed. I will do a follow-up on this post looking at the personalisation offering in VWO as that looks pretty interesting. Happy testing.