Saturday, 29 October 2011

Maxymiser - Multiple KPIs

A natty little feature of the Maxymiser reporting interface is the ability to report on multiple KPIs within the same report. Below is a screen grab of a conversion report which reports on both the 'Application submit rate' referred to as KPI 1, whilst also showing the performance of the secondary KPI 2 of 'Click to Apply rate' for the same test combinations. In the past you would have to flick between separate reports for each KPI, whereas this is obviously no longer the case. 

To enable this feature you simply select multiple KPI or Actions in the report filter drop-down menu within the Maxymiser console. See illustration below.

Charlotte 29th Oct 2011

Saturday, 22 October 2011

Google Analytics - Map Overlay

Lessons learnt from Retail* #1

I know Google Analytics (GA) has had it's Map Overlay function for sometime now, a report in GA which shows geographically where your online traffic comes from. Recently though I've had a degree of exposure to the retail sector as opposed to just the financial sector. With this particular brand it was interesting to see how the online traffic so accurately matched up with the branch locations. See image below, on the left is GA map overlay report for the brand and on the right you see its store locations. An incredibly obvious relationship appears between online activity and store location illustrating in retail how branch locality drives online brand awareness.

This kind of thing just doesn't happen in the financial sector where online traffic bears no immediate correlation with the offline world and the companies branches.
Obviously though when there is a match there's a geotargeting opportunity if you chose to act upon that information. This is obviously taken to a higher level with augmented reality applications in the mobile world where there are great marketing opportunities when GPS technology meets the highstreet retail opportunity. I will cover this in more detail in a later post.

*I've been privileged to get access to the web analytics of a retail brand lately. In a brief series I will cover insights I've found between the retail world and the financial sector where I specialize as an online optimization expert