Thursday, 19 April 2012

1st iPhone MVT test. So proud...

Had to share this because, well frankly it was a ball ache & also there is little if not naff all documented on the internet about this (at time of writing). Basically today I managed to get Google Optimizer (now branded as Google Experiments)  to work for MVT testing on an iPhone landing page and also circumvent all the issues that go with coding GWO tests on a HTML & jQuery page. The test page in question is here: 
Essentially it's very hard to do conventional MVT testing on mobile pages as the use of jQuery etc can really complicate straightforward test building & coding. My tip is to knock out all jQuery references such as 'data-role' and make inline requests to restore your CSS. I may add further detail in a later post but this mobile testing is in its infancy as far as my experience is concerned.