Friday, 7 May 2010

Google Optimizer - Landing Page A/B Testing

I launched a split test on one of our highly trafficed Current Account landing pages last week.

This basically saw the rather stale current champion page design challenged by a much more creative led design for the same page. The graphic above shows the readout for the visitor conversion rate which shows the creative led design as the outright winner (16.9% uplift in click to apply rate). However, I have tagged both pages so that we can identify which pages actually result in submitted current account applications, and the results show the original design leading over the creative led design. This is yet another example of how pretty design may compell people to click an apply button but if they havn't read the fine detail they're less likely to go through the entire end to end transactional process.

The original page design (champion) is shown below on the left and the creative led design (challenger) is shown below on the right.