Friday, 15 June 2012

Google Content Experiments

Google has announced its moving away from Google Website Optimizer to 'Content Experiments'. This effectively means Optimizer has been fully integrated into the new version of Google Analytics. There are as ever positives & negatives involved. First off it means less coding to be uploaded to your test pages. Great. On the downside tests are now wholley driven around Google Goals. In the past I've found setting up goals to be hard work and they dont always work so coupling testing to goals fills me with concern. Finally I think Google have missed a trick. I think they had an opportunity to make their testing tool a 'tagless solution' under this approach. If they worked in a bit of dynamic javascript into their normal analytics tags you would never have to upload test code for each new experiment. This would greatly increase peoples abilities to conduct testing without further IT input, essentially the holy grail of professional testers. I'm just lining up my 1st test under this regime, I'll you know how it goes.